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Are you looking to bring a unique social experience to your business?  Blox Spiked Ice is the perfect product for you!

Blox is an alcohol-infused ice cube with great flavors that brings the fun to any party. Each flavor comes in individual packaging, so you can make a unique frozen drink every time.  Blox is perfect for bars, restaurants, and event centers to offer their customers - a genuinely unique experience that enhances every occasion.

Blox is the best alcoholic ice cube you will ever drink, and it quickly becomes an instant party staple. Your customers will have a way to offer frozen cocktails at home gatherings in addition to just wine, seltzer, and beer.

As an added plus, Blox makes frozen cocktails as easy for bartenders as a mixed drink - with no blender required!

With just the right amount of alcohol, Blox brings the fun to your party! This is a visually stunning ice cube that transforms any drink into a custom frozen cocktail.  And as the ice slowly melts, it releases the perfect amount of alcohol and flavor into each drink.

Blox Spiked Ice gives bartenders the ability to create custom frozen drinks completely hassle-free and are  are the perfect fix in any crowd.  Perfect for dates, backyard parties, tailgates, or just chilling with friends - Blox is a great way to add a unique twist to any party.

Interested in learning more?  Talk to our sales reps about carrying Blox at your business today! 

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